Our Founder

Our founder, Marti Stevens, believed that education and knowledge will provide power and a better world. She was a whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm and a rainbow of warmth, giving, and talent. 

Her commitment to education via non-traditional programs was the catalyst for her founding of Cornville Academy, Cross Roads, Teens 'n Theater, Maine Literacy Theater, and Education Skills, Inc., where she focused on helping people who are disabled, at-risk, incarcerated, teenagers, and other adults.

Cross Roads won national recognition and developed into a coeducational alternative education program, now called the Marti Stevens Learning Center.

Marti's energetic life included her farm, where she raised flowers, vegetables, cows, sheep, chickens, and even peacocks, as well as serving terms as the plumbing inspector. She is an inspiration, reflecting her beliefs, her commitment, and her work.

[Adapted from http://www.uma.edu/mwhof-mstevens.html]

Marti Stevens